Dashboard & Campaigns List

Welcome to your NCM Dashboard


The NCM Dashboard is the first page you'll see once you login.

On this page you see a summary of all your campaigns status and performance.


In the campaign list you can search and filter you campaigns.



Your campaigns have a status. The most important are:

  • Draft
    Initial status. Campaigns that are not yet confirmed by you.

  • Inactive
    Confirmed campaigns that are missing at least one approved creative.

  • Active
    Live campaigns running right now.

  • Canceled
    Campaigns canceled by you.

  • Completed
    Finished campaigns where end dates have passed and all statistics have been reported.



In the list of campaigns, you can see the buttons Resolve and Pay, as well as text in red describing any conflicts or problems with your campaigns.


Pay will open your campaign in the payment section.


Resolve will open the campaign in edit mode, where you can resolve conflicts like:

  • Start date expiration.

  • Product or inventory is no longer available.

Text in red mean problems like:

  • Expired dates
    Start date might have passed or similar.

  • No creatives

    No creatives uploaded

  • Rejected Creatives
    A campaign needs at least on approved creative before it can start.