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Headlines and Sub-Headlines for a real estate campaign

Headline and Sub-Headlines examples

If you select Contextual targeting, please select our Real Estate category.

Replace the italic words in brackets with words that are relevant for your brand and objective.


Simple headlines

Headline: (city) (type of property) for sale is under (price


Headline: This (type of property) for sale in (city) is (feature of the property) & costs (price)


Headline: This (province) (type of property) for sale comes with  (feature of the property)

Narcity examples

Headline: (Huge Ontario Home) For Sale Is (Right On The Water) & Actually (Under $350K)

Sub-headline: (This spot has major vacay vibes.)


Headline: Here’s A Look Inside (Ottawa’s Luxury Apartment Complex), (Complete With Its Own Hot Tubs)

Sub-headline: (Yoga, live music, a pet spa and more!)


Headline: Here Is A Look Inside (BC's Famous ‘Eppich House’) That’s On The Market For ($14 Million)

Sub-headline: This place is (literal ART.)


Headline: This ($360K Nova Scotia Farmhouse) Has A (Full-On Oceanside Golf Course For A Yard)

Sub-headline: (You would never need another vacation in your life.)


Headline: ​​You Can Buy This (Outrageously Adorable A-Frame Cottage) Near (Montreal) For Under ($300K)

Sub-headline: (A dreamier place does NOT exist.)


Headline: This (Gorgeous Nova Scotia Home) Has A (3,000-Foot Oceanside Trail) & It Only Costs ($325K)

Sub-headline: (The wraparound deck is heaven on earth!)