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Headlines and Sub-Headlines for a hiring campaign

Headline and Sub-Headlines examples

If you select Contextual targeting, please select our Money category.

Replace the italic words in the brackets with words that are relevant for your brand and objective.


Headline: (Montrealers) Can Get Paid To (Work Outside This Summer) & Here’s How You Can Apply

Sub-headline: (Make bank and enjoy the sun at the same time!)


Headline: (McDonald’s Canada) Is Hiring (5,000) Employees Right Now & Here’s How You Can Apply

Sub-headline: (Recruiting is being done through text message.)


Headline: (MEC) Is Hiring (Across Canada) & The Perks Are (An Adventure Lover’s Dream Come True)

Sub-headline: (A job you'll be stoked for.)


Headline: (Pepsi) Is Hiring Workers (Across Canada) & The Roles Are (Perfect For Students)

Sub-headline: (End the summer job search.)


Headline: (National Bank) Is Hiring (Customer Service Representatives) In (Montreal) & Here's How You Can Apply

Sub-headline: You could make ($19.75 an hour with insurance and more.)


Headline: This (Canadian Technology Company) Is Hiring (Across Canada) & The Benefits Are Insane

Sub-headline: (Great perks and a great job.)