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Headlines and Sub-Headlines to promote an event

Headline and Sub-Headlines examples

If you select Contextual targeting, please select our Things to do category.

Replace the italic words in brackets with words that are relevant for your brand and objective.


Headline: This (Ontario Farm Is Transforming Into A Magical Christmas Village With Twinkling Lights)

Sub-headline: (It is only 45 minutes from Toronto! 🎄


Headline: The (Niagara Falls Christmas Market Is Coming Back) & (You Can Catch A Ride On Santa's Sleigh)

Sub-headline: (Mark down your calendars: the fun begins next month! 🎄


Headline: (8​ Fall Activities) Around (Ottawa) (Where You Can Have Fun For $30 Or Less)

Sub-headline: (Have fun without going broke!)


Headline: The (Mondial De La Bière Is Coming Back To Montreal With Over 150 Beers From 40 Breweries)

Sub-headline: (A beer for every palate


Headline: (Toronto Has A New Post-To-Pay Pop-Up & All Your Fave Local Shops Will Be There

Sub-headline: (Just post on Instagram or TikTok to get free local goodies


Headline: This (Farm Near Vancouver) Has Been (Transformed Into A Pumpkin Town & It's A Fall Fairy Tale

Sub-headline: (Perfect for you next Instagram post)