How many creatives should I upload?

Different image formats

It is not mandatory to upload creatives in all image formats to successfully launch your campaign. NCM offers multiple creative formats to reach users across all devices, whenever and wherever they are. There is a limit of 18 creatives per campaign. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer on how many creatives you should advertise.

Here the recommended ad formats:

- 300x250

- 336x280

- 300x600

- 970x250

- Native Ad (Build your Creative)

You will two different sizes for Build your Creative (Native Ad) ad format.

  • Logo: 100x100

  • Ad: 300x420

Tip 1 👍

It is better to upload as many creatives as possible in all image formats possible. You will be able to reach mobile, tablet, and desktop users. Also, you can monitor which creatives are performing the best and pause the creatives that are not performing as well.

Tip 2 👍

Narcity has both French and English-speaking readers, therefore it could be a good idea to have creatives in both languages for a better and bigger reach.

Tip 3 👍

Try uploading a creative under the Build Your Creative to add an element of guidance to your display banner. This Native image format allows you to select a specific call to action under your creative. For example, if you are advertising an offer, you can select, Get Offer to incite people to redirect themselves to your website or shop.