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How to optimize my ad campaign?

Our recommended tips based on your campaign objective

Before launching any ad campaigns, it is important to know what is your campaign objective. Having a clear objective in mind will help you optimize your efforts and avoid spreading yourself too thin.

Here are some objectives for your ad campaign:

Brand awareness: Get your brand out in front of people who are more likely to pay attention to your ads and build awareness around what you do or sell.

Reach: Get your ads in front of as many people as possible and control how often they see your ads.

Traffic (content amplification strategy): Use ads to attract people to visit your website.

Promote a sale or event: Use ads to drive awareness about your sale or event.

Store visits: Use ads to attract people to visit your store.


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Tip 1 👍

Brand awareness is designed for exposure and reaching people who are more likely to recall your ads, but keep in mind that the goal is not for people to necessarily click on your ads.

Tip 2 👍

There are two different reach objective, one is reaching as many people as possible, and the other is reaching only your target audience, which is usually a smaller group f people.

Tip 3 👍

If your goal is traffic, you're not necessarily looking for sales or leads. Your focus is to get people to your website (i.e. to consume your content).

Tip 4 👍

Your ads need to be running a few days before your sale/promotion to create a buzz.

Tip 5 👍

If your goal is to drive people to your store, keep in mind that your reach will be very localized.