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Mini Brand Snippet

This ad placement looks like our Brand Snippet and offers a bigger visibility across our websites.

The Mini Brand Snippet looks similar to our Brand Snippet but has the efficiencies of our standard banner ads. This placement offers a high impact to help drive traffic to your website and increases your brand awareness because it can displayed on the side bar as a sticky ad and/or within our articles. 


Here are the differences:

- There's no teaser paragraph which makes it easier and faster to create your campaign.

- Readers don't have to scroll at the end of an article to see your ad placement.

- The cost is lower than a Brand Snippet


Mini Brand Snippet format: 300x600

Featured image: JPG, JPEG, or PNG

Brand name: company name

Presented by label: Presented by

Headline: under 15 words (100 characters maximum)

Sub headline: under 10 words (80 characters maximum)

Photo ratio: 16:9 Dimensions: 200x125

Photo credits: optional

Call to action: Learn more


Here's an example of a Mini Brand Snippet on our website: