Understand how your campaigns are performing

Reports show details and statistics for all of your Campaigns and Orders. You decide if you want either a one-time report for download, or as a scheduled report which is sent to your email address regularly.

All reports are exported in Excel format.

You reach the report functionality via the Report icon on the Dashboard.



1) Click New Report.

2) Select Campaigns or Orders.

Note: if you are an Agency, you will also have an option to export Clients.

3) Enter a Report name.

4) Select either:

- One-time report

- Scheduled report


One-time Report

1) Set Time Period, i.e. dates for which you want to export data.

2) Select Export options.
- Direct download - you will be able to download the report directly.
- Send by email - the report will be sent to you as an attachment.

3) Click Save.

4) The new report shows the status GENERATING until it is ready.

5) You can download the report when the status changes to COMPLETED.


Scheduled Report

1) Select Time Period.

2) Select Frequency.

3) Click Save.

4) Your new scheduled report will regularly be sent to the email address registered to your account.