What are some tips to optimize my campaigns?

Basic tips for optimizing your campaigns

Tip 1 👍

If it's your first time running ads or want to drive brand awareness, I would recommend choosing standard targeting ($5 CPM) but if you have a specific target audience you'd like to reach out to, I would choose contextual targeting ($8 CPM).

Tip 2 👍

I recommend uploading many creatives (ads) so that you can test and track which ads are performing better. You can always pause the ads that have a lower performance.

Tip 3 👍

Have a "fake" CTA button in your ads so readers know what to do. For example, Where to buy, Learn More, Shop Now, etc.

Tip 4 👍

Have many creatives with many different sizes so you can track which ads are performing and pausing the ones that aren't getting as many clicks

Tip 5 👍

Here the recommended/best CTR ad formats:

- 300x250

- 336x280

- 300x600

- 970x250

- Native ads (Build your creative with NCM)

Tip 6 👍

Set a frequency cap that matches your campaign objective.

Frequency capping: A feature that limits the number of times your ads appear to the same person within a definite period.

Tip 7 👍

Create visually appealing ads to drive more eyes on your brand.